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Nov 23
Jakoba_Blog_Why Intranets are Indispensable for Employee Engagement

Why Intranets Are Indispensable for Employee Engagement

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November 23, 2015

As we’ve said before, companies with engaged employees outperform their competitors in productivity, profitability, customer ratings, and more. Engaged employees aren’t just more likely to improve your company’s bottom line; they’re also more likely to be satisfied with their jobs—reducing costly turnovers and sustaining company expertise. So how do you go about engaging your employees? According to recent reports, social intranets are a huge part of the puzzle. Here’s why:

1. They Give Employees a Voice

No employee wants to feel like a cog, and social intranets help bring out employees’ personalities, opinions, and concerns. The traditional power structure is largely a thing of the past. The workplace has been democratized, and employees who feel like their voices aren’t being heard aren’t likely to stick around for long—let alone give 100%.

2. They Increase Individual Capabilities and Reduce Frustration

Social intranets increase each employee’s individual capacity and solve impasses before they create greater problems. There’s no doubt that work can be frustrating, but social intranets help reduce daily frustrations by connecting employees to coworkers who can provide assistance. In other words, social intranets help to solve problems organically without requiring intervention from management.Jakoba_Blog_Why Intranets are Indispensable for Employee Engagement


3. They Create a Sense of Community

As a social tool, intranets go a long way in creating a sense of community. Many studies have found that companies with strong, tight-knit company cultures outperform their competitors. Employee interaction creates many benefits not easily reduced to objective figures—but you can rest assured that employees who feel comfortable working with one another will be happier, more productive, and more motivated to go the extra mile.

4. They Reduce the Gap Between Subordinates and Company Leaders

As we said, the hierarchical structure of the office is largely a thing of the past. Social intranets put lower-level employees in direct contact with company leaders. The interaction between upper and lower-level employees creates empathy and helps ensure employees feel their hard work is recognized and valued.

5. They Encourage Autonomy

Social intranets empower employees to do their jobs on their terms—a huge advantage for companies in any industry. Employees who feel they have a choice in where, when, and how they work are more likely to achieve the all-important balance between their professional and personal lives. If your company works with freelancers, the benefits of a social intranet are even more pronounced.

Working with Jakoba

Jakoba works with HR and IT departments to implement transformative accounting software and performance management platforms. If you’re interested in leveraging the power of social intranets to boost employee engagement, please visit our homepage for more information.

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