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Apr 17
Tips to be Successful in Unstable Times

Tips to be Successful in Unstable Times

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April 17, 2015

In an ever-changing economy, business owners are hesitant to make pivotal internal changes, whether it be employing new processes or new hires. Check out the tips below for ways to optimize your business in lean times, that will have positive effects also when times are good again.

Remove the Middle-Man

Make sure that your executives are directly connected to the front line employees who work with customers day in and day out.   You can do this by flattening the organization or by instilling a culture that values customer input at the highest levels.   When the customers’ voice is present, and demanded, at executive-level decision meetings on product development – the executives will work hard to surface the needs of the customer.

Inspire Creativity

Turn your company into a factory of ideas by tapping the creativity of your staff.   Develop programs that reward new ideas and fresh approaches to looking at problems facing your business.   These programs should focus on inspiring employees to create lots of new ideas and a method for employees to both share these and consume the ideas of others.   Note – this isn’t necessarily about only rewarding good ideas. Volume matters. Of course, the good ideas will have the most direct impact on your business in the short term and will rise to the top. But sometimes the best ideas are those that are originally conceived in a different form, and only after multiple iterations do they become great.   So not only should employees be encouraged to submit lots of ideas, employees should also be encouraged to take other employees’ ideas and build on them.   Not only will this contribute significantly to the quality of your product development cycle, but will also have the side benefit of improving morale and lowering political barriers within your organization.

Focus on Quality – Put the Customer First

In uncertain economic times, you need to have a laser focus on what exactly your customers want from you or your products.   Anything that detracts from meeting that demand is a candidate for an area to trim when times are tight.   Of course, quality is essential for product development and a company’s reputation whether the economy is booming or in retraction.

Tips to be Successful in Unstable TimesJakoba Software has the tools you need to stay competitive, regardless of the status of the economy. We can help turn your company into an idea factory by helping you put the processes and systems in place to support creativity. To learn more about how we can help your company thrive, reach out to us at

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