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Nov 21

Tips on Aligning Employees with Your Company’s Vision

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November 21, 2014

A business enterprise is only able to realize its vision when employees are aligned with that mission. There are a number of strategies a business needs to consider in order to align employees with the company’s vision.

Clear and Comprehensive Communication

One of the most vital strategies that must be employed in order to align employees with the company’s vision is maintaining clear and comprehensive communication on a consistent basis. Not only must a company’s basic vision be communicated to employees in this manner, but the goals and objectives associated with the mission must be conveyed via consistently reliable, clear and comprehensive communication as well.

Clear and comprehensive communication regarding the company’s vision is best ensured by taking advantage of multiple resources. In addition to direct face to face communication with employees about vision related issues, a company needs to take advantage of high-tech resources as well — including email, texts, blogs and related avenues.

Strategic Partnerships with Employees

When it comes to aligning employees with the vision of the company, the business itself — via its owners or managers — must form a reliable, meaningful strategic partnership with the workers. In other words, employees need to feel a sense of ownership in regard to the company’s vision in order to be fully aligned with it.

Although it is not always possible, one of the best strategies to utilize when it comes to forming this type of strategic partnership is to include employees in the development of the mission in the first instance.

This is particularly useful (and possible) when an existing business elects to make some changes or alterations to its stated mission. In that situation, employees are already associated with the company. Moreover, they may feel quite wed to the existing mission. By including them in the process of crafting a new or modified vision, they are less likely to be reluctant to embrace the newer mission envisioned by a business enterprise.

Clear and Reasonable Goals

Goals and milestones are derived from the ultimate vision of a business enterprise. Employees are more likely to align with the mission or vision of a business when these associated goals and milestones are not only clear, but reasonable. Employees are in a far better position of consistently achieving clear and reasonable goals, which will draw them closer to the ultimate vision of a particular company.

Aligning employee goals with the company’s vision is crucial to the success of your business.  Having an appropriate infrastructure in place to help create this employee-company alignment process is likewise important.  Having the right Employee Performance Management software tools in place to support these processes is of the upmost importance to an organization’s growth.   Jakoba Software is here to help your company achieve measurable and sustainable results to improve business and employee efficiency. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you get the most out of your employees.

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