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Oct 02
Formula Instills Purpose

This Formula Instills Purpose in Employees

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October 02, 2015

Employees with purpose are happier and more productive than those who simply come to work to collect a paycheck. Everyone knows that, yet most companies are unable to instill a sense of purpose in their employees. Why is this the case?

Well, because it works against the natural inclinations of business.

Business is about profit. Plain and simple. It would be hard to argue that any metric is more important to gauging a company’s success than how much they make. Many companies fail to instill a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their employees because immediate profit trumps employee morale every time.

The following strategies won’t boost your sales overnight. They won’t turn an ailing company into a success—at least not right away. It’s going to take time and patience, but you’ll be rewarded with a transformed work environment with self-motivated, enthusiastic, and productive employees—all of which are keys to any company’s long-term success.

Formula Instills Purpose

Provide Personal Fulfillment

1.    Opportunities to Advance

Institute a policy of merit-based promotions, leaving office politics and seniority at the door. Employees who have a stake in their professional future will work harder and more efficiently than those who feel stuck.

2.    Celebrate Employee Talents

Employees don’t want to feel like cogs that are only valued for whatever professional skills they bring to the company. Find a way to unveil your employees’ hidden talents. For example, if a musically-inclined employee is playing a local show, encourage the whole office to attend.

3.    Keep Things Social

Not only do people simply feel better in social settings, but they also work and collaborate better too. A work party twice a year just won’t cut it. People need to get to know one another before the annual Christmas party; otherwise they will attend solely because they feel obligated to.

Provide Workplace Fulfillment

1.    Show Recognition

Everyone appreciates recognition. When an employee has an integral part in a client’s success story, make sure the whole company hears about it.

2.    Live Your Values

Having a meeting once a quarter to discuss “company values” is about the same as saying, “If we did have company values, here’s what they’d be.” Create concrete values to live and work by, and lead by example.

3.    Promote Mentorship

As an employer, promoting mentorships is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. It’s an effective way to delegate responsibilities, plus it provides valuable leadership experience to promote candidates.

Encourage Engagement with the Community

Highly underappreciated, engaging with the community is an excellent way to give employees a sense of belonging. Support nearby businesses or develop a close relationship with a local charity. To encourage employee participation, offer to match their donations.

Invest in Employee Performance Management with Jakoba

Like we said, these are investments that don’t pay off right away, but they do pay off in the long run. Jakoba works with CEOs, CFOs, corporate executives, HR executives, and many business leaders in the tech industry to improve employee performance, morale, and communication. Please visit our homepage for more information about the myriad ways we can help you meet your business needs.

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