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Solutions Services

Solutions Services

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March 30, 2015

Jakoba provides its clients solution delivery assurance. For those clients that are looking to get a project completed, a solution built, or a process re-vamped, Jakoba helps deliver results.

Success is based on interaction between all of the parties, including customers, developers, and contributors – making sure that clear expectations are met and communicated.

Jakoba excels at making sure that all outputs are customer-centric and deliver not only tactical, but strategic benefits to the organization. We believe it is not enough to build a solution to reduce operational costs, instead, we believe that an optimal solution should improve customer service, reduce costs, and enable better visibility of key data for strategic decision-making.

Solutions ServicesWe have been working with companies of all sizes to develop custom internal client solution services across many areas of a company. Here are a few highlights:

Human Resources

Jakoba helped a Fortune 100 company define and build a tool to increase recruiter efficiencies while improving candidate experience. Additionally, Jakoba led the efforts of a multinational firm to comply with changing personnel compliance issues related to data capture during the hiring process.


Jakoba defined and built solution services for companies with over 90,000 employees to enable better customer service and reduce costs of supporting changes to invoices, purchase orders, and capturing accrual information.

For more information on how our Internal Client Solution Services can help benefit you, call us today at 206-706-1600 or email us at

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