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Success Stories

Jakoba’s employee review system will quickly pay for itself by reducing the time and effort required to complete the evaluation process. Plus, we now have a better understanding of the mix of skills and performance across the workforce.”

CFO at a Mid-Market Company

With Jakoba’s easy-to-use software we were able to dramatically improve this process. More important was the increase in visibility we had to all of the skills and performance data captured during the process. Having this information has enabled us to make better decisions as a company.

Tony Schwaerzler, Manager – Human Resources at Cascade Designs, Inc.

With Jakoba’s intuitive software we had immediate visibility to all skills and performance data; which has helped us make better decisions as a company.”

HR Manager at a Manufacturing Company

Interactive Solutions


Employee Performance Management

Measuring employee performance is crucial to an organization's overall efficiency. While most companies either don’t have processes in place, or their existing employee performance management system is limited to only tracking past performance, Jakoba’s Employee Performance Management Solution can be easily integrated into your existing platform to achieve actual and measurable future results.

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Internal Client Solutions Services

Jakoba provides a 'solution delivery' for its internal clients. In other words, we act as the interface between those that know they have a need for a given solution and the engineering teams that build the solution. We function as part business analyst, part project manager, and part business and technical program managers. Our main focus areas are Human Resources and Accounts Payable.

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Corporate Policy Management

Our new Corporate Policy Management Software solution is a cloud-based application that helps companies track when an employee has read and attested to a document they have been provided with.  A classic example of where this technology can be most useful is in the tracking of who has received and read the employee handbook; but this system could literally be used for any company policy that is important for employees to have read, if for legal reasons or to just help ensure that business processes are being followed.

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Learning Tools

Performance management insights and free resources in our vast library that you can use now! Case Studies, White Papers, Data Sheets and more...

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