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Sep 12
How to Measure Your Employees

How to Measure Your Employees’ Engagement

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September 12, 2015

When it comes to efficiency and productivity in the world of business, employee engagement is key. Having employees who are interested in their work and emotionally invested to their job means having satisfied customers and booming business. A growing number of experts are now placing more importance on work environment and company morale than ever before. Basically, you get out what you put in.

How to Measure Your Employees

If you’ve tried to increase employee engagement before and failed, you probably weren’t implementing the right changes. Company policy can’t be guesswork. As you’ll see, the only way to find out what changes need to be made is to take an employee engagement survey. We’ll tell you why it’s important and how to conduct your own.

The Importance of Employee Engagement

When a large number of employees go above and beyond their minimal responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, it can have a drastic effect on a company’s success. By the same token, having the majority of your employees working below capacity can cause an otherwise well-run company to founder.

So how do you measure employee engagement? It’s an abstract concept that affects many objective things, like decreased customer satisfaction, productivity, and workplace morale. The only way to be sure about employee engagement is by engaging your employees. Below are step by step instructions on how to get the most out of your survey.

Employee Engagement Survey

This employee engagement survey serves several purposes. It measures employees’ commitment to their jobs, organization, and coworkers. It can help predict employee retention—a vital piece of information because of the expense of new hires. It can also identify the factors that have the greatest impact on employee engagement. All of these results can be used to drive change in your company and enjoy greater employee morale and business success.

How to Take Your Own Employee Engagement Survey

Survey a variety of data sources

The best way to get at the root of the problem is by getting data from a variety of sources. These include anonymous surveys, employee suggestions, predictive modeling based on previous surveys, and “town hall” style meetings with employees. Typical motivators include working environment, relationship with supervisors, rewards and incentives, company values, company equity, and company.

Keep it short

Nothing will negatively affect employee engagement faster than inundating them with a lengthy survey every week. Prioritize the information and keep surveys short.

Schedule regular surveys

It’s not enough to give one survey. Taking them regularly—but not too regularly—will help you gauge what changes are working and what changes aren’t.

Get managers on your side

A company head can’t head the entire company alone. Frontline managers are responsible for day-to-day tasks and have a better chance of affecting employee engagement than anyone— besides the employees themselves. Make sure your managers understand the importance of employee engagement and are implementing the changes you set forth.

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