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Dec 09

Is Your Corporate Culture Positive?

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December 09, 2014

We all know that a happy employee is a loyal employee. Success is reflected by workers if the corporate culture is positive, and one great tool is motivation. Here are four helpful ways to create a cohesive environment and positive corporate culture:

  • Reward employees! Financial incentives are one way to show employees that you value their work. If you don’t offer a bonus, you might want to start. Research has shown that employees tend to be more loyal to companies that reward them with a financial incentive every year. These type of incentives are most effective when they are frequent (more than once or twice a year) and tied to a combination of the company’s performance and specific, measurable objectives that the employee and manager have previously agreed upon.
  • Offer more than the 9-5 workday. Instead of focusing on hours an employee puts in, focus instead on outcomes and give employees the flexibility to achieve those outcomes in the hours that best suit their needs. An employee that wants to coach his or her child’s soccer team may really value the flexibility to leave early and complete their work during later hours.   Providing institutional support for the life balance needs of employees’, shows employees you think of them as people instead of resources.   This goes a long way to fostering a culture of respect, and will improve employee morale.
  • Office amenities are the best amenities. There’s a reason everyone is vying to work for Google. They offer a cafeteria, sleeping pod rooms, gym and locker room. Employees come to work early for breakfast, stay late for dinner, and get more work done because they are happy to be there. Google has created a home for its employees. Treat your workers like family and they’ll reward you with success and growing bottom line.
  • Deserved shout-outs. Recognizing good work in the office is important and can make a huge difference in morale. Employees respond well to positive recognition, so why not publicize when someone has made a great achievement for the company? Positive reinforcement is great for personal and professional motivation, and you’ll be able to feel good vibes flowing through the workplace.

Making employees happy leads to higher retention rates which leads to higher success rates. It’s not rocket science, just business savvy. A combination of positive reinforcement, incentives and key motivational tactics will help take your business where you want with the team you want. Call Jakoba today and let us help you make your company culture a positive one.



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