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Adaptive Businesses Use Process Improvement Strategies

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November 26, 2014

From increasing competition to shifting client expectations or the technological progress, today’s business environment is subject to constant change. In order to adapt, businesses should implement consistent business process improvement (BPI) strategies for increased profitability, and improved client-facing or internal relationships. Regardless of the process under reform, you can apply the following steps to make adaptive improvements:

1. Select Business Process for Development
Carry out an audit of your company’s procedures in order to efficiently identify areas with the most room for improvement. Set some criteria and make high-level observations about your processes to hone in on any issues or concerns. To prioritize this list of potential BPI, consider how each of the different processes noted for enhancement affect clients, staff, profitability, stakeholders, etc. Keep detailed records for the first two steps so that you can create an effective presentation for management in step three.

2. Analyze the Process in Depth
After selecting your processes, gain an understanding of how every level of the procedure works. Look particularly for steps in the process that negatively impact efficiency, cost or quality. You can map the process and conduct surveys in order to gain the necessary information for a full analysis. You can begin to consider how you will make your case for improvements to upper management and gain consent.

3. Gain Support from Management
Executive support is critical to the overall success of your BPI efforts. Organize your research and notes about processes you have gathered up to this point to present a clear and effective case in order to gain the go-ahead you seek for your recommendations.

4. Strategize
Using all of the research you have gathered thus far, work through the process step-by-step to lie out your strategy for improvement. Outline the current procedures in detail, specify why your proposed changes are necessary and develop specific reforms for any steps that pose risk or lead to a breakdown. Consider any resources required to implement BPI and clearly define your objectives for the changes you propose. As you create goals for improvement, be realistic and choose objectives that can be measured in terms of success.

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